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Nylon Velcro Strap Electrical Reusable Cable Zip Ties
The hook and loop cable ties are made by Nylon/P.P. material and offered 5 colors combination pack (Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow). They are good for use in binding the cables and patch cables and won't even affect the transmittance performance because of the too tight binding. Reusable, the back-to-back design provides instant installation without the use of tools. Material: Nylon/P.P. OAL (mm): 200 Individual Packing: Poly Bag (15pcs/pack)
ORICO Reusable Cable/Wire Ties 1M, 5 Colours (CBT-5S)
ORICO 1m Moodoo Ribbon (CBT-5S) ORICO professional wire cable ties CBT-5S is used to manage various computer, household, electronic wires and cables. Featuring acid-resistant, burning resistant, super insulation, excellent durability, it is easy to tie and untie with great convenience. Product Features: Wraps around anything and sticks to itself for fast, easy bundling. Reusable, bundle cords, cable, wire, pipe and tubing. Hook on one side, loop on back. Acid-resistant, burning resistant, super insulation, excellent durability. Each Tie: Length 1 m / width 1.5 cm ( Approx. 3Ft. by 0.5 inch). Neat cabling for computer, household, and electronic wires and cables.
LEDware Foldable USB Lamp with 2-Level Adjustable Brightness (LED-USBLAMP-FOLD0)
This LEDware Foldable USB Lamp is simple and elegant, making a very modern statement. It belongs to a new generation of energy saving, eco-friendly desk lamps. Its masterful ergonomic design makes it an ideal device for both indoor and outdoor illumination. It comes equipped with two-stage brightness control. The LED lighting is adjusted to be soothing to the eye, reducing eye fatigue. The 360° foldable arm is fully adjustable with tilt & swivel motions, making it custom-fitted for your demands. It can be hooked onto a wall with the included wall mount. The lamp is also built in with a rechargeable battery to make it highly portable, and its foldable design enables it to fit in your pocket! It also has a micro-USB charging port, so that you can utilise that rechargeable battery for more than just to power the lamp.
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